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This isn’t Toronto's first real estate rodeo and history dictates a rebound. The question is when and how much? Anthony Scilipoti, president and CEO of Veritas Research, believes he knows the answer.


Many lawyers are counseling landlords to not agree to the CECRA program if the landlord wouldn’t be financially able to grant the rent reduction without financial assistance from the government. Why?


COVID-19 showed me that, notwithstanding one’s legal rights, landlords and tenants can co-operate, especially since their survival was interdependent. This is especially true during the height of COVID-19.


This case provides several important lessons about the dangers of miscommunication and not putting everything into a lease, despite written emails and good intentions.


In V Hazelton Limited v. Perfect Smile Dental Inc., the tenant, with the landlord’s permission, decided to relocate his business and sublease his unit to a subtenant.


How does an interested buyer know if a home’s basement apartment is legal? And what information about basement apartments must real estate agents provide to buyers?



We’re all looking for options to get new business. Have you ever considered marketing to For Rent By Owner (FRBO) properties?


There is a general misconception that residential tenants may terminate their leases at will, without consequences or without any specific notice requirements. This simply isn’t true.


I recently read about four young professionals who were able to rent a detached home together for less money than they would each have to pay for a one-bedroom apartment.


The tenant walks away from the "binding" offer to lease. Can you save the deal? Taking these steps protects you from any surprise material issues popping up and ruining your supposed binding offer.