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A recent Real Estate Council of Ontario decision makes it clear that there are certain cases in which agents acting for tenants must disclose the presence of roommates.


The Protecting Tenants and Strengthening Community Housing Act (Bill 184) affecting residential tenancies is now law. If everyone is complaining about this bill, the law may not be so bad after all.


Understanding Bill 184 is imperative for anyone selling or buying a tenanted property and it is imperative for real estate agents to understand it too.


Bill 192, Protecting Small Business Act, 2020 came into force on June 18. The goal of the act was to strong-arm qualifying landlords into the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA) program.


A coalition of commercial property owners across Canada is calling on provincial governments to provide direct supports to struggling small businesses, instead of blanket non-eviction measures.


Many lawyers are counseling landlords to not agree to the CECRA program if the landlord wouldn’t be financially able to grant the rent reduction without financial assistance from the government. Why?


COVID-19 showed me that, notwithstanding one’s legal rights, landlords and tenants can co-operate, especially since their survival was interdependent. This is especially true during the height of COVID-19.


Local Logic looked at how users interact with its proprietary Location Scores to understand what matters to renters now, compared to pre-pandemic days.


The net profit from a rental property is much less than tenants, media and the government believe, and it's these same entities who collectively think residential landlords are rich and can afford to carry all the consequent losses caused by COVID-19.


During this unprecedented time, the rules, relief available and government statements are ever changing. And they’re changing because of the various impacts COVID-19 is having on how and if we can work and how we live.