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LTT can present buyers with considerable sticker shock, especially those in Ontario’s most expensive housing markets.


In response to the Parti Québécois promising a first-time buyer tax credit, the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Boards (QFREB) is calling on the three other parties to propose concrete measures for homeownership.


While every province charges LTT or some form of property transfer fee, depending on the tax structure, buyers may pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands in addition to their home purchase.

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The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) and the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) are fighting a City of Toronto proposal that would increase land...

Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT)


The Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing plans to give every municipality province wide the power to charge a Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT), says the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA).