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The Key Living team, from left: Yash Mody, director of product; Craig Shannon, CFO; Alex Tang, finance; Daniel Dubois, co-founder and president; Louisa Clements, marketing; Vithushan Namasivayasivam, technical lead; Rob Richards, co-founder and CEO; Mark Petrov, finance; Mark McLean, VP sales and business development; Derek Manuge, finance; Alison Simpson, CMO; Russell Kim, marketing and sales. Not present when the photo was taken: Mark Vandenbosch, community and government relations.


Company vice president Mark McLean says Key Living has built a co-equity financial model to help consumers buy shares in a condominium for a minimum of $25,000 and build equity while paying a monthly all-inclusive payment to live in a suite of their choice as long as they want. The payments are linked to (but less than) market rents.