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Jason Stephen (Photo: Mike Capson)


CREA president Jason Stephen is using his experience at Parliament Hill and in provincial politics to lobby the government on housing policy.



I wanted to find out exactly what’s changing, and what that means for you as a real estate agent, so I went directly to an agent who is working with iBuyers to make himself and his team more money.


iBuying is the No. 1 real estate trend for 2020, says a new report by California-based research firm T3 Sixty.

Properly is offering an iBuyer program in Calgary. The founders, from left: Sheldon McCormick, COO; Craig Dunk, CTO; and Anshul Ruparell, CEO.


“Currently these companies are crushing it,” says Ed DePrato of Sweetly in Edmonton, who is launching his own iBuyer brokerage. "They’re dominating the market."