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Genworth Canada’s 2019 First-Time Homeownership Study provides a snapshot of the demographics of Canada’s first-time homebuyers (FTBs), what’s motivating them and what they’re buying.


Here are seven of the most common mistakes people make when buying a home, and what many home buyers wish they had known ahead of time but often learn too late.


A new survey released by BMO says first-time home buyers generally have a positive outlook on the housing market.

Millennials say owning a home is attainable


The First-Time Home Buyer’s Incentive – the federal government’s much-debated mortgage equity sharing program – went into effect Sept. 2.


With spring upon us, the real estate market is just lukewarm. With sellers anxiously wanting to sell their homes and buyers still holding off,...



As a result of recent announcements by the federal, provincial and municipal governments, change is coming to the real estate industry and real estate agents and their clients must be prepared to adapt.

Kamloops, B.C. (Photo: Getty Images)


These cities offer more than just great entry-level real estate: they’re also uniquely fantastic communities in which to set down roots.


First-time home buyers sometimes suffer from misinformation from unreliable sources. As their trusted representative, it’s your job to educate, to gently coach and coax them into home ownership.


No one should ever overlook that buying a property for the first time means making a huge investment. It means finding a truck load of money for a down payment.


Whether it’s wanting a change in lifestyle, pride of ownership or looking to build equity, there are many reasons why young people are looking to get into the housing market and buy a home.