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In cases where the failure to close the transaction was due to the buyer being unable to secure financing because their bank/financial institution refused to fund, this proved a lot trickier for those transactions.


I don’t show homes to just anyone. In fact, I avoid showing to one particular kind of buyer.


Have you ever listed a house for a client, only to find out that there are liens registered against the property that will hinder the closing? There may be a way to deal with a client's debts, and still complete the sale.


By refinancing your U.S. home, you may be able to use any increase in value and get cash in return to pay down debt or make a large purchase.


Time deadlines in real estate deals have never been more important than today. I experienced two deals just before the holidays that confirmed what happens or can happen when you miss a deadline.


We have all heard that the three rules of real estate are location, location, location. It’s been this way for years. That is, until today. It’s all changed now. Now it’s finance, finance, finance.

financing rural properties


Banks often steer clear of financing rural properties because things like septic tanks and adjacent farms are issues they don’t understand. “It is stuff the banks could do (learn) but the market isn’t large enough,” says Matthew Robinson.