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Parents are “gifting” or selling their rental properties to their children for a nominal value. While this is a valid strategy, there are several important factors to consider.


In this second of a three-column series on working with family and friends, let’s briefly address the fundamental decision involved with working for a friend or family member.


Since relatives already know you, you’d think the process would be easier, but it ain’t necessarily so. There’s usually no need to convince them to trust you personally, but professionally may be an entirely different matter.


How do you keep a relationship intact when you work in real estate? Working in the real estate industry is hard on a relationship. A career in real estate can put a strain on even the healthiest marriages.


Canada currently has 363,000 multi-generational homes, which accommodate three or more generations under one roof, and that figure is growing by the day.

Jerry, Nathan and Lyndon Rush


Working with family members has been a success for Jerry Rush. He says this is how they’ve made it work: “We have had great family relationships throughout this time, probably due to the way the team is set up."