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I’ll be first in line to say advocating for clients and helping ease them through the big convoluted process is a good idea. Here’s the problem. I smell opportunity for conflict of interest.


How one couple ended up with litigation and a lost deposit (and how they could have avoided it). You have duties of honesty and fairness to everyone involved.


How is a real estate salesperson supposed to stand out from her competition online? It’s a question that webmasters and marketing assistants hear often and struggle to answer.


We are getting better all the time at catching the cheaters and bad guys. I believe the real estate business in Canada leads the way.


One of the first pieces of advice that I received from the pros after getting into this business was this: Don’t ever let the buyers and sellers talk to one another, especially when working a double-ender, until after the deal has closed.


For every helping hand you extend, you become happier and more successful, while also losing the pain in your neck because you no longer have to “watch your back”.


We should know in our hearts that if we gain success honestly without cheating or manipulating, we will enjoy the greatest feeling of achievement.


To every one of you who have been hurt by a dishonest sales rep, we grieve with you and offer our humblest apologies. It makes us angry that our reputations are lumped in with the bad guys.


If you practice ethical behavior consistently – from how you act with your family members to how you treat your clients and other real estate professionals – you’ll become “lawsuit-proof”.


Unfortunately, due diligence is perhaps best approached with the belief that the vendor is trying to hide something from you. Because of this, it's wise to go in knowing your answer to the following questions.