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Whatever unique selling approach you take, there is one way to stand out in your career and add increased revenue to your portfolio without investing years of time. Extra-curricular education can pay for itself.


Twice each year, the Learning Services team heads out across Canada to bring Royal LePage Realtors practical, interactive workshops designed to enhance marketing and technology skills.


Century 21’s new Coaching Academy program aims to provide a proven system that incorporates expert guidance and effective tasks into their salespeople’s daily routine, the company says.

When do the training wheels come off?


Everyone I knew as a kid had those training wheels. They gave us confidence and safety. Just as those first real estate sales training sessions did. Somewhere along the line, many of us forgot some of those skills.


Learning is what all of the greats – Charles Darwin, Mozart, Henry Ford – did in order to succeed. They all intimately understood that they would not succeed if they did not learn. It’s a simple, obvious fact, yet few do it.

Ethics in real estate: Learning to be ethical


The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO), as most others, believes that standards of right and wrong, of doing the right thing, can be taught. I agree, but can ethics in real estate be learned?

Ari Lahdekorpi and his guitar.


Over the years my guitar has been heard on hundreds of records, radio jingles and TV and film soundtracks. I share this all to reflect on what 45 years of playing guitar has taught me as I relate to the world of real estate.

From left: REIC executive director and CEO Maura McLaren; Suzanne LeValley and REIC national director Joedi Pruden.


Suzanne LeValley, president and CEO of Longley Condominium Services in Calgary, is the recipient of the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC) Emeritus Award, the association’s highest honour.



Schooling is to knowledge what mentoring is to mastery of skills. Succeeding in academia is simply a precursor. To advance further, you need to get yourself a mentor.

first-time homebuyers


Organized real estate should be looking inwardly to find solutions for to substantially improve the quality of service and expertise of Realtors before spending resources encouraging consumers to use Realtor services that aren’t up to the public’s expected standards.