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Chris Chopik (Photo by Elijah Shark)


Climate change is an emerging risk affecting the value of real estate, which is why Chris Chopik wrote a 75-page paper on the subject: Property Value in an Era of Climate Change.

The home is on two acres surrounded by indigenous vegetation.


“It’s the Rolls Royce of green homes,” says listing agent Rebecca Johnson of Sutton Team Realty in Brantford.


We all know the main reason we need to make our homes more energy efficient is to protect the environment, but the second most...


The idea behind a green or eco-friendly home is simple – it is one that uses fewer resources in its heating, cooling, power consumption, water and garbage systems than other homes in its area or year of construction.


There are many products on the market that claim to be green even though their benefit is minimal to non-existent. How can you evaluate a green product or initiative beyond the marketing hype?


With the stacked benefits of comfort, efficiency and health, there is a growing consumer interest in radiant heat.