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Arthur Kozlowski


Green Hedge Realty says that by using their brokerage to both sell and buy, “Homeowners can break even on commission fees, effectively pay nothing, even if the new house costs less.”


“I think we’re going to end up with the ability to do single recusal as long as we have the consent of both parties,” says Jim McCaughan, a former president of the British Columbia Real Estate Association.


Readers should consider the impact on smaller communities where there is perhaps only one licensee. Yes, there is an exemption, but the test is so onerous that I doubt there will ever be an exemption approved.


British Columbia has become the first province to ban dual agency, with new rules set to come into force on March 15, 2018 which will "significantly change the way that real estate services are provided."


In this final column in the series on the controversial subject of real estate fees, allow me to continue addressing dual agency, but from...


The draft proposal from the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate prohibits the practice of dual agency, except in “remote locations that are under-served by licensees.”