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When Rhonda and Michael Honing discovered an oil tank buried in the garden of their North Vancouver home in 2016, they couldn’t have been more surprised.


When acting for both a seller and a buyer, what duties does a real estate agent owe to his or her clients if a property disclosure statement, known as a Seller Property Information Sheet (SPIS) in Ontario, is signed?


Sold data coming to Realtor.ca, disclosure, cannabis and the future of real estate: Here are the stories from the last 10 years that generated the most views on REMonline.com.



It seems that every week I am asked for advice about what a seller or real estate agent needs to disclose to a buyer. Here are five lessons to remember.


Your son is shot and killed in front of your house. When you sell, must this be disclosed?


Real estate laws change and you need to be up to date in order to practice in a manner that protects both agents and clients. Here are five tips to assist you with what I hope will be a successful 2019.


Naturally, sellers prefer not to reveal any problems. After all, they’re motivated to sell. Sometimes, however, they can be incredibly forthcoming.


We now have the case of Wang v Shao, out of the B.C. Supreme Court, released on March 9, 2018. Has this case changed my opinion or the law in Canada?


Will the sellers have to disclose this gruesome discovery should they decide to sell their home in the future? Here are five lessons to remember when it comes to property stigmas.


We're seeing a steady rise in the willingness of clients to file complaints against agents for unprofessional behaviour. And worse, get a litigator involved.