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Did you know that 65 per cent of online shoppers have engaged in a live chat at some point? That means the lions’ share of Internet-savvy users are engaging with vendors of products and services online.


As a real estate professional in today’s digital world, building your brand is what will increase your exposure, attract clients and grow your business. If you’re not doing anything to build your brand, you’re giving up control of a powerful way to increase your earnings.

Broadcasting vs narrowcasting


Are you about to indulge in bombastic self-promotion with colossal photos and boastful, self-congratulatory slogans plastered everywhere? Or to encourage referrals and repeat clients, do you prefer to maintain a low-key style with regular contact?


Mobile website statistics prove that the days of an optimized-for-mobile website being an up sell or a “nice to have” are over. If you’re not engaging your users on a mobile platform that caters to their needs, then you’re throwing away up to half the traffic that you worked hard to earn.


My late mother gave me this advice many years ago when it came to gossip: “If you have nothing nice to say about someone, say nothing at all.” Wise words. I imagine many of you heard the same advice growing up.

Truth about SEO


Real estate professionals across the country are confused about search engine optimization (SEO) – and rightfully so! Very few brokers and salespeople actually know what it is, or – more importantly – how it is accomplished.


Coldwell Banker recently launched a new four-part “digital reputation” video series designed to provide real estate agents with guidance on maximizing their online presence. The series was specifically created for real estate agents.