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The key question is what is the most appropriate and profitable salesperson/client relationship?


There is such a thing as fierce customer loyalty. Even in our culture of choice and options. I know, because I am a loyal customer. So are my clients.


This was ingrained in me: the customer is always right. Even if they’re wrong. You’ll never argue them into submission or agreement. Concede. Serve.


I’ve spotted a hole in the market – something every business used to offer, but that has virtually disappeared from the customer service landscape.


Dealing with upset customers is like feeding bears. Most will be happy you’re there, but a few will get really ugly if you don’t give them what they want.


Allow me to introduce you to the real estate chatbot. Chatbot’s response time, memory and knowledge bank would rival any agent within your office. Not to mention the fact that the chatbot also works 24/7.


Just like the era of Cheers has faded away, so has the holy grail of customer loyalty. Selling real estate is no different. A dismal 17 per cent of homeowners actually use their agent again.

first-time homebuyers


To give great customer service, you need to know what your customers need, want, expect, deserve and demand. How do you find that out? Customer surveys.


Yet Rogers has arguably the best customer service of any corporation in the country. While Rogers is notorious for leaving customers with complaints or service questions on hold, things are completely different if you want to buy any products or services from Rogers.