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Jennifer McKeown and Andre Parisien


The sale of $36 million worth of pre-construction condos in Quebec over a two-day period at the height of the COVID pandemic sounds impressive. But perhaps equally notable is the fact that all the transactions took place virtually.



With such a hot market over these past few months, instead of sitting back and relaxing throughout the summer, most people have been really busy. That’s a good thing for sure.


A new report by Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC) says most current homeowners are comfortable with their current mortgage debt and remain pleased with their decision to purchase a home.


COVID-19 was like a bomb to the Canadian real estate industry, forever changing the way real estate is done. Markets were severely impacted and protocols were revamped overnight.


Home inspections have changed a lot in the last decade. And now like everyone in this COVID-19 world, home inspectors are doing their part to keep everyone safe while conducting their inspections.

Glenn McQueenie


Glenn McQueenie found that 20 per cent of agents were waiting out the pandemic before resuming business, 60 per cent had no idea what to do, while another 20 per cent were “doubling down.”


Entrepreneur James Zaza says that now personal real estate corporations are about to be an option in Ontario, Realtors should review their health and pension benefits.

Photo by Raymond Zhu on Unsplash


The British Columbia Real Estate Association and the province’s regulatory agencies have developed new guidelines for open houses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


I have been studying businesses intently to learn from their pitfalls and short-sightedness, seeking to understand why some will soar, while others sink.


Management of some of the very largest real estate boards has demonstrated a profound lack of awareness of the 60-foot tsunami heading their way.