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This case provides several important lessons about the dangers of miscommunication and not putting everything into a lease, despite written emails and good intentions.


Here are five ways to avoid closing problems, so that you can protect both yourself and your clients and stay out of legal trouble. Save yourself from a lot of potential headaches on closing.


Canadian courts are unclear as to whether or not they’ll enforce a Continuous Operation clause. Some judges have and others haven’t. So, don’t leave it up to chance to determine the fate of your client’s livelihood. You might find yourself in a lawsuit.

RECO warns public about former broker


Since a lawyer may not be readily available, it’s best to arm yourself with knowledge and think like a lawyer. Thinking like a lawyer is easy – be paranoid and always think of the worst-case scenario!


DealDocket.com, an online workflow platform developed specifically for multiple offer situations, is the brainchild of co-founders Adam Brind and Drew Donaldson. Brind, broker of record at Core Assets Real Estate in Toronto, and mortgage broker Donaldson had talked about the idea for years.

Supreme Court of Canada


The ground-breaking Supreme Court decision addresses the question of how good faith and honesty come into play in real estate contracts, in terms of each party’s contractual performance.


The Bhasin v. Hrynew decision by the Supreme Court of Canada has changed forever how real estate contracts will be reviewed by the courts. Clearly if you lack the competence in delivering real estate services you are now in a heap of trouble.