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REM has reported on major real estate industry stories during the last 30 years. But the entity that has had the most coverage in REM and touched on many of the big issues has been the federal Competition Bureau


TREB CEO John DiMichele says that despite grumbling in the media that the board has been slow to get the data feed started, “we were up and running well before the 60 days” deadline.


The second and last day of the Competition Tribunal appeal hearing between The Commissioner of Competition and The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) wrapped up expeditiously Tuesday morning.


TREB is once again arguing that clients’ privacy rights will be breached if certain data is exposed on the Internet on virtual office websites (VOWs).


The Toronto Real Estate Board won’t have to comply with an Aug. 3 deadline set by the Competition Tribunal to start making available sold and other disputed data from its virtual office website feed.


The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) has filed an appeal to stay the Competition Tribunal's order which requires TREB to stop its "anti-competitive practices".


The Toronto Real Estate Board has served a Notice to Appeal to the Commissioner of Competition, alleging that the Competition Tribunal erred when it ruled against TREB on April 27.


After hearing nearly a full day of oral submissions from lawyers on proposed remedies for TREB’s anti-competitive behaviour, the Competition Tribunal closed the day by summarizing its general position.


While the Competition Tribunal has partially granted the Commissioner of Competition’s application against the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), it remains to be seen what the specific terms of the ruling will be.


The Competition Tribunal finds that TREB’s rules “have substantially reduced the degree of non-price competition in the supply of MLS-based residential real estate brokerage services in the GTA.”