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Jerry Bresser


Jerry Bresser, a grandfather eight times over, has been coaching real estate agents across North America for a whopping half century. At the height of his success in the mid 1970s into the ’90s, he was top dog.


Construction, financing, legal aspects, for Pete’s sake – many industries require real-time training under a mentor. In the real estate industry, however, apprenticeship isn’t a given. Does that sound weird to anyone else?


Mark Winter, director of agent development for Macdonald Realty in Vancouver, recently released a new book, A Different Conversation: Realizing Your Potential as a Real Estate Agent.


Have you ever found yourself in a coaching program, only to realize that it’s not the right one for you? This question can easily be cleared up by understanding the difference between accountability coaching and mindset coaching.


“Your income will be the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” So, no matter how you try to shield yourself from negative people, it is much safer to spend time with positive people.


Century 21’s new Coaching Academy program aims to provide a proven system that incorporates expert guidance and effective tasks into their salespeople’s daily routine, the company says.