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Nowadays, it’s common practice for listing agents to refuse the buyer’s rep the opportunity to participate in the presentation. They insist that offers be faxed or emailed. In my opinion, that’s a mistake – a big one.


I don’t show homes to just anyone. In fact, I avoid showing to one particular kind of buyer.


Buyers are backing out of deals – they bought but could not sell (at their price) their own home. In many cases, one sale leads to a chain of sales and that first deal can cause problems for four or more other sales up the line.


If the buyer cannot close, they will likely forfeit their deposit and be subject to a lawsuit from the seller, for the difference in the sale price if the seller now sells the property for a lower price than the buyer agreed to pay.


You need to establish a working relationship with this client. They need to know that this is a business relationship (not a friendship) and how you work.



In this short video, Richard Robbins talks about how your role as a salesperson is to motivate a buyer to make a decision that is in their best interest.


Properly explaining our agency relationships and our expectations for remuneration in writing will go a long way towards ensuring clarity and showing your commitment to their best interests.

Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT)


First-time buyers are doing their homework and making responsible financial decisions entering Canada’s housing market. They are well-educated, employed, and consulting with mortgage industry professionals.


Think about buyer agreements from your client’s perspective. If you were the buyer, how would you feel about signing something that doesn’t help you in any obvious way but does guarantee the sales rep gets paid?


When I work with buyers first, I have a much better opportunity to develop a relationship so when it comes time for the client to list their home, I am the only agent they will even consider. That listing is now mine, unless I do something to blow it.