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Buyer Representation Agreements


Real estate laws change and you need to be up to date in order to practice in a manner that protects both agents and clients. Here are five tips to assist you with what I hope will be a successful 2019.


Everyone thought that electronic signatures would make it easier to prove a claim for commission. A recent case will make you want to ensure you are not caught on the wrong side of things. 



Bruce Keith demonstrates how your buyer’s package plus your marketing plan will add up to getting a buyer’s agency agreement signed up front.


You need to establish a working relationship with this client. They need to know that this is a business relationship (not a friendship) and how you work.



It is more important than ever to understand the rules regarding real estate commissions so that you and your clients are protected this year. Here are answers to some common questions I receive related to commissions.


Properly explaining our agency relationships and our expectations for remuneration in writing will go a long way towards ensuring clarity and showing your commitment to their best interests.


Think about buyer agreements from your client’s perspective. If you were the buyer, how would you feel about signing something that doesn’t help you in any obvious way but does guarantee the sales rep gets paid?


There are many more examples of frustrating stories where our buyers walk away from a bidding war bitter and disillusioned. Here’s a marketing approach for you to clone after an unsuccessful offer presentation.

Prospect for buyers


I would like to explain why our industry as a whole has led us down a path that has been inefficient and ineffective. We would be much more effective prospectors if we reverse our thinking and prospect for buyers first. Why? Here are four good reasons.


Buyer Representation Agreements do in fact protect our commission, but that was not the driving force behind why it came into being. We adopted buyer agency because without it, buyers had no legal protection whatsoever, even in the face of believing that they did.