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Is the bully offer system undermining consumer confidence? Absolutely, but until the rules change, fair buyers must be prepared to respond to bully offer scenarios by viewing the property at the earliest opportunity.


Bidding wars can be emotionally challenging and exceedingly expensive. If they lack sufficient financial clout or the stamina to continue, and/or prefer to avoid paying top dollar, tell them to walk away.


When should you encourage your buyer to walk away from a war? Does the procedure involve a logical strategy for buyer or seller, or does it all boil down to gut feeling?


The question is whether escalation clauses are permitted in an Ontario bidding war where agents are being used. Here is what you need to know.

Adam Brind


Core Assets in Toronto says it is the first real estate brokerage to launch an “avoid bidding wars” button on its website. The button will give buyers the ability to search for properties that are no longer holding back offers.



There is already confusion with respect to how real estate brokerages are to comply with Bill 55 and use the new Form 801 in a bidding war. Mark Weisleder outlines 5 things you need to know.


There are many more examples of frustrating stories where our buyers walk away from a bidding war bitter and disillusioned. Here’s a marketing approach for you to clone after an unsuccessful offer presentation.