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If you think your market is not susceptible to flooding, you are mistaken. The new reality is that the storms of the future will bring more rain, faster, more often. Your clients are at risk. 


The Allstate Insurance Safe Homeowners Study, which analyzed Allstate household incident claims data from 2017, found the most frequent and costly home insurance claims in Quebec are due to water damage.


Today's changing weather patterns have resulted in a dramatic shift in property risk. Here’s how you can help your buyers and sellers deal with the threat.

A technician uses a camera to pinpoint where the obstruction in the pipe is taking place.


Every year, potential home buyers flock to realtor.ca in an attempt to land their dream home with turn-key expectations.  Focused on the home’s location,...


Before the transaction closed the vendors signed the Seller Property Information Statement. It stated that the property was not subject to flooding. The vendors did not tell the purchasers of a pre-closing basement flood.

Storm water liability and risk


Insurers warn that storm water related property damage is quickly becoming the most prevalent insurance risks for homeowners. Basement flooding is one of the most common weather-related property damage claims. What can you do to protect clients from liability?