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One of the many benefits of using marketing tools like email and social media is the ability to automate. Once the systems are set up they work in the background, leaving you more time to do more important things.


Robot real estate agents aren’t about to take over the industry, but more brokers and agents are seeing the benefit of chatbots – software programs that can engage in conversations – to help them do business.


Using artificial intelligence, Ella automates published social media content, saving both time and money. BombBomb allows users to send video messages as emails.


Allow me to introduce you to the real estate chatbot. Chatbot’s response time, memory and knowledge bank would rival any agent within your office. Not to mention the fact that the chatbot also works 24/7.


Coldwell Banker Real Estate has teamed with CNET to agree on a joint definition of the term "smart home". The definition is designed to help sales associates and their clients identify what, exactly, "smart home" is.

They promised us home robots


Back in the mid-1960s, people imagined that homes of the future would be much different by 2016. The total automation of housework would have made ours a life of leisure.