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Free home evaluations are a valid way of drumming up business. It was a great way to meet people who were interested in buying or selling houses and start a conversation about their needs and how we can help.


Re/Max of Western Canada, in partnership with Landcor Data Corporation, has launched a web tool that allows remax.ca visitors to look up estimated values of homes throughout British Columbia.


Cap rates and the direct capitalization approach to valuation is a useful tool to have in your toolbox as an investor. However, there are many supportive or alternative valuation methods besides just this one.


If your clients buy without a survey, make sure they understand the huge risks they are taking. A property survey is the single most important document in the whole process


There is one rule to remember when looking for value in commercial real estate: financial value is judged on what can be made going forward, not what it was in the past.

pricing a property accurately


Listing and selling property efficiently requires several components. One of the fundamental keys is to price the property accurately. Not too high, not too low but in the middle to help the client get the most money possible.