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Very little of substance from any level of government in Canada gives me hope that affordable housing in Ontario will become a reality within the next decade, but I see much evidence that it won’t happen.


Over 100,000 people were on the City of Toronto’s centralized waitlist for subsidized housing at the beginning of 2019. How is it possible for something like this to happen in a city with over 66,000 vacant homes?

A partnership of New York-based Common with Toronto’s Dream Unlimited, the co-living project will be on a 34-acre mixed-use development called Common Zibi on the Ottawa River.


“Co-living is as much a lifestyle choice as a product,” says Anil Khera, CEO and founder of Node, who believes it will represent “a real shift” in how people choose to live in rentals.


A new report says single mothers, Indigenous renter households, new immigrants, Canadians under the age of 30, and seniors are all facing higher levels of overspending on rental housing than the Canadian average.

Courtice, Ontario, Canada-June 09, 2019: Sign of Ontario Power Generation on the building at Darlington Energy Complex in Courtice, Ontario, the building supporting refurbishment reactors.


Ontario Power Generation (OPG) announced that it's moving all its “non-station” groups to Clarington. The fallout on the social fabric of the region will have profound consequences.


Canadian cities such as Vancouver and Toronto are not alone in experiencing a crisis in affordable housing. It’s an issue that is explored in a new documentary, PUSH, by award-winning Swedish director Fredrik Gertten.

Paul Morassutti


“I’m a supporter of inclusionary zoning, and I think we need more of it, but supply is not the root cause and inclusionary zoning is not a complete solution,” said CBRE Canada executive vice chairman Paul Morassutti.


There is a powerful, compelling answer to solving the pandemic affordable housing crisis, complete with a huge financial pool, if the government would only take steps to unlock it.


Most Ontario residents want to see the province’s political parties address home affordability as part of their 2018 election platforms, according to a new poll conducted by Ipsos.


Seniors are sharing ongoing household expenses and the cost of support services, while each owning an undivided interest in the whole property (not just their exclusive private area) that can be sold on the open market.