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Courtice, Ontario, Canada-June 09, 2019: Sign of Ontario Power Generation on the building at Darlington Energy Complex in Courtice, Ontario, the building supporting refurbishment reactors.


Ontario Power Generation (OPG) announced that it's moving all its “non-station” groups to Clarington. The fallout on the social fabric of the region will have profound consequences.


Canadian cities such as Vancouver and Toronto are not alone in experiencing a crisis in affordable housing. It’s an issue that is explored in a new documentary, PUSH, by award-winning Swedish director Fredrik Gertten.

Paul Morassutti


“I’m a supporter of inclusionary zoning, and I think we need more of it, but supply is not the root cause and inclusionary zoning is not a complete solution,” said CBRE Canada executive vice chairman Paul Morassutti.


A new data report reveals just how out of reach homeownership can be, even for city residents earning a living wage.


This is just the kind of well-meaning yet profoundly dumb political interference that I thought we were paying CREA to talk the government out of.


These ten cities can still be considered affordable for single buyers earning a median household income.


Fifty-two per cent of single Canadians said economic uncertainty and expensive home prices are the biggest factors in their decision not to purchase a home, according to a recent Re/Max survey conducted by Leger.


First-time home buyers sometimes suffer from misinformation from unreliable sources. As their trusted representative, it’s your job to educate, to gently coach and coax them into home ownership.


Compared to 10 years ago, buying or renting a home has become more of a challenge in both Canada and the United States. But a report by Point2Homes says it’s now much tougher for Canadians.


Real estate affordability and land supply are the No. 1 concern of developers, lenders and other real estate industry people interviewed for a new report by PwC Canada and the Urban Land Institute (ULI).