By Lee Davenport

Some people naturally flourish in one climate over the other.  Case in point: I have a friend who is invigorated by the numbing cold of a northern, icy winter. He loves to don a fashionable scarf, a designer coat and some name-brand boots.  Oh, and I cannot overlook his wacky and wild sock game. He feels at his best when there is a chill in the air. There is pep in his step, a smile on his face and creativity in his work.

I, on the other hand, practically ran screaming from the north and its brutally cold winters for the warmer climate of “Hotlanta”.  My pseudo-superpowers to get more done and think clearly seem to kick in as the days grow longer and warmer.  Truthfully, I feel like I need to move even further south to get less of the cold season, go figure. Some of us are comfortable in the cold while others of us are happy with a warm environment.  It is okay to admit it and own it.  And, so it goes in our lead generation life.

Some lead generation activities are cold in nature, meaning the person you are approaching does not know you, did not ask to know you and surely did not ask for you, a stranger, to contact her. Consequently, you may get cursed at, hung up on, face a slammed door or be reported as a spammer. Most people think of cold-calling as an example, which is spot-on. Just like cold weather warriors in parkas, those who are more suited for cold leads must have already clothed themselves in warmth, having a high self-esteem and high tolerance to cold rejection. Thin skin is not the right gear for cold lead generation methods.

Others may shine in warm environments of bright, smiling faces where you are approached and sought after instead of the other way around. This may be considered by some as the “if you build it, they will come” approach. Unbeknownst to some, there is finesse to this technique that requires getting in front of and engaging with as many eyeballs as possible. It is really the “if you build it well, offer something of value (a.k.a. a lead magnet) and stay in front of a lot of people, they will come” approach.  Examples include receiving calls from a well-crafted newsletter you sent out to past clients or connecting with people who found your swanky website and messaged you.

Remarkably, a portion of the salespeople I surveyed from among the top producing 1,000 residential salespeople in the nation attested that they never approach strangers for new business.

They take the warm approach, allowing new business to track them down. And it has worked just fine for them as evidenced by their top sales status. That should encourage you!

Do not misunderstand: I am not saying that they laid in a hammock and did nothing to generate leads. They had methods that acted like people magnets, warmly attracting potential clients to them as opposed to going on a cold hunt for clients.

Are you more suited for cold or warm lead generation? Do you have the gear to handle both or just one? Be honest with yourself because you will only be miserable with a mismatched lead generation climate.

This is an excerpt from Profit with Your Personality: How Top Producers Win at Lead Generation, and How You Can Too.


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