By Mario Toneguzzi

The Stream team
The Stream team

A new Canadian real estate web platform has been launched, and its owners hope it will challenge international firms such as Zillow, Redfin and Purple Bricks.

Stream Property Solutions is an all-Canadian effort built to compete against the American and British giants in the field, says Michael McNeil, one of the real estate professionals behind the venture, who is providing broker advisory services to the company. McNeil is a sales rep with Re/Max Escarpment Golfi Realty in Hamilton, Ont.

Stream is designed to allow the public, consumers, real estate agents, landlords and other real estate industry professionals to better interact with each other, for a lower real estate fee, he says.

“In the last five or so years a lot of foreign real estate platforms have moved into Canada . . .  and so there’s a move to disrupt the real estate industry from the traditional real estate broker (and) real estate agent that we’ve known for the past 60 years in Canada,” says McNeil. “We looked at that and saw these foreign companies coming in and there’s no Canadian entity to provide Canadians with a service.

“We wanted an all-Canadian entity to provide some competition to these companies but also go one step further.”

Although Stream offers consumers the choice of posting for sale by owner listings, McNeil says the company wants to work traditional Realtors. He says Stream has established “what we would call a one-stop location for all your real estate needs – so whether you’re listing or buying or looking for a rental property. One of the things we’re quite excited about is that for the people who want to sell and represent themselves – the for sale by owner market – we provide that service to them at a very inexpensive cost.

“What’s different about Stream is that it brings the consumer to one location. What’s different is that we’re low in cost for the Canadian consumer,” he says. “We also provide the Canadian consumer the ability to have more control over the real estate transaction.”

Stream’s website says a for sale by owner can list their home for sale for a one-time fee of $299 plus tax. “Unlike other FSBO sites, Stream does not force you to renew every few months at another fee,” it says. Listings for rental properties are $15. “That’s a one-time fee, not per month,” says the site.

McNeil says Stream was established and developed by licensed Canadian real estate industry professionals, along with software programmers, developers and designers.

He says consumers can go onto the site, look at the listings, click on an inquiry button for a property they are interested in and a local Realtor in their area will contact them immediately.

If someone wants to sell a property, they can go onto Stream and enter the relevant information.

John Scott, Stream’s chief technical officer, said the platform allows users to sell their properties either in a for sale by owner option or they can also have a Realtor sell it through the MLS, in which the listing appears on Stream’s platform.

“We’re not looking to replace the traditional Realtor. We recognize that the real estate market is changing and we’re giving (consumers) far more options,” says McNeil.

“One of the features we’re quite excited about is the ability for the for sale by owner customer to be able to see comparables, listing their properties amongst MLS listings,” says McNeil. “I think that will be something that will be huge to the Canadian consumer because if you’re on your own looking to sell and you don’t know what your neighbour is selling for, you can now do that on your own through Stream just by a click of the button.”


  1. What’s with the fake comments from Albertina, Sabine Nassar, Lori L. Fell, and Jackie S? Can’t we filter out such obvious shills?

  2. I tried this new Stream for rental, it was
    real easy concept, no brainer maneuvering through finding exactly what I was looking to find. I did find a rental property. As a new company I found Stream really user friendly.

    • Did you know has all the rentals listed on MLS?
      There is no cost, no sign in and the most complete list of active rentals and properties for sale across Canada?

  3. Congratulations Stream Team..may your many long hours of work that have been accumulated bring you much success.

  4. Congratulations to the Stream Team!

    This is exciting news, the platform will make a big difference in the Canadian Real Estate Market.

  5. Purplebricks can’t sustain their business model charging FSBOs $799. How do you expect to stay in business charging $299? Unless you’re trying to undercut then raise prices (which you 100% will do unless you go under before you get a chance).

    • John, you may be right. The Purple Bricks low fee concept will only work if they can increase their volume and have lots of success (sold signs). I would expect that listings per agent at Purple Bricks are high compared to your traditional real estate brokerages. If Purple Bricks can offer a quality service which helps the consumers succeed then they should be able to compete. However, if consumers are disillusioned with the service and lack of success then they may have an uphill struggle. It is the repeat business that will make or break any brokerage / agent. Purple Bricks in time will probably need to increase their fees to succeed. Consumers in general seem to be suspicious of low fees and it is easy for traditional brokers to persuade consumers to list with them at the higher fees and quality service leading to a successful sale. The statement “you get what you pay for” is generally true. Selling and buying real estate is such an emotional experience and most consumers want the support of an experienced agent. Purple Bricks is not for everyone, but some consumers obviously see them as an advantage for them. Only time will tell.

  6. “What’s different about Stream is that it brings the consumer to one location. What’s different is that we’re low in cost for the Canadian consumer,” he says. “We also provide the Canadian consumer the ability to have more control over the real estate transaction.”

    We already have the most efficient one location access for consumers,
    It is free to the consumer, no need to sign in, access to properties for sale, rentals, commercial, residential…..
    It’s has been on line for decades. Any information that is updated by the listing realtor, shows up online within the hour.
    I think when some of these new platforms are folding up, will be there, providing the consumer with most reliable data.

    Selling and buying properties can be daunting for most consumers, and an experienced realtor will help the consumer reach their goals efficiently. was created for the consumer, paid for by realtors. It’s main purpose is to provide consumer access to all active MLS listings, whereas these new platforms want to profit from consumers inquiring about info.

    • That’s a perfect answer for what realtors already provide every day/night to the consumer free of charge. Thank you Rita!

  7. Other than being a Canadian company which is great to see home grown commerce, and being lower in cost than the other 3, I do not see what you offer that the consumer does not already have at their fingertips. By Owner sellers can already see homes on the MLS and By Owner platforms to see what their competition is. Today’s home seller has a great supply of options at their disposal, From what I am reading, I do not see anything different, just marrying different models in one place at lower (perhaps unsustainable) cost. Am I missing something here?

    • Yup, you’ll be burning lots of money to keep Steam up & running.

      It’s amazing the number of individuals & companies that think Real Estate is easy money.

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