Sean Zubor
Sean Zubor

Coquitlam-based Stonehaus Realty is bringing in coaches, sales training and the Grant Cardone 10X Sales Training course for their salespeople.

“There is no easy button in real estate, it’s all about the grit and the hustle. We believe that we need to equip our agents with the very best in training and coaching and that’s why we brought on Jill Sinclair for in-house one-on-one coaching and the Grant Cardone Sales Training to motivate and challenge our agents,” says Sean Zubor, president of Stonehaus Realty.

According to Club Wealth and Tom Ferry, 87 per cent of new agents fail within five years. “Agents usually fail because they have no set schedule, no accountability and no real-life training and coaching. These are stats that I don’t want for my brokerage. Since we’ve brought in outside coaching, our business has increased substantially, and the agents get the support they need,” says Stonehaus.

He says the Grant Cardone 10X Sales Training is known for “being in your face” and brash. When asked why he would want that kind of training at Stonehaus, he says, “I’m in your face and quite brash! I’ve never had a salaried job, so it’s always been about the grit for me. I admire people who are about the hustle. In fact, Jill Sinclair cold-called us, and she closes harder than me, so I had to sign her on to help our agents. With the Grant Cardone Sales Training, they are world renowned for getting results, so that was a no-brainer.”

Stonehaus Realty has been open since March 2017 in Coquitlam, with another location to open by fall of next year. Zubor also has a real estate team in Toronto and co-owns the mortgage company Urban Lending. His goal is to have 10 Stonehaus brokerages within five years.


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