stan cropped webLast month I vented about why new agents fail. This month, I turn my thoughts to why successful agents continue to remain successful.

When I started my research on the ingredients that make successful agents stay successful, the reasons are, not surprisingly, the exact opposite of why others fail in this business.

1. Successful agents usually have a yearly plan and review it regularly with their manager or coach.

2. Once the plan is in place, they make a commitment to it. They make themselves accountable.

3. They research properties and become totally familiar with the market niche they want to capture.

4. They attend seminars and invest in their careers, whether by buying into a coaching contract and/or attending related workshops in their area, and by going to conferences outside their area.

5. They make time to spend with their families or if they are unattached, they make time for themselves.

6. They take additional skills courses other than required provincial courses.

7. They exercise regularly.

8. They take courses or talk to a mentor to sharpen their marketing and negotiating skills.

9. They review open houses every week and do at least one per week, excluding holidays.

10. If you’ve read this far, then you’re well on your way to being a top producer.

So now that I’ve given you my Rx for a spring tonic, here are the nuts and bolts of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

For anyone starting out or even current top producers, my advice is to concentrate on a group of town houses and condo apartments that are close by, as well as rental apartment blocks.  Send out unaddressed 5×7 cards every three weeks with messages such as, “Is it time to move up?”

Townhouse owners move for a number of reasons, similar to renters.  Noise, smells and lack of space and/or privacy are primary reasons. The next logical step for townhouse owners is to buy a semi. The next step for condo apartment owners is a town house and renters would naturally move to a condo apartment or a townhouse.  I think by now you’re getting the picture.

Condo dwellers and renters are always looking for that dream home.  By sending out repeated messages and following up every week, you’ll never be short of leads for buyers and for sellers.

All it takes is for you to put your plan in motion and keep it in motion. Have a great spring market.

Stan Albert, broker/manager, ABR, ASA at Re/Max Crossroads’ iRealty office in Toronto can be reached for consultation at [email protected]. Stan is now celebrating his 44th year as an active real estate professional.


  1. Great advice Stan. You have been a help to me personally, and I can attest that your 10 steps work wonders! It’s all about consistency. All the best, and keep up the great work!

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