By Heino Molls

Here is something that’s critical for you to do for the year ahead: plan on attending the most important trade shows in the real estate industry. By planning to attend I do not mean give it some thought and if you have the time and money you should attend. I mean, find the time and find the money and go.

All trade shows are important, especially one that is held in your locality. However there are three this year and a fourth next year that are the most important to attend. In chronological order they are:

Realtor Quest – Toronto, May 4 and 5

This is the biggest show in the Canadian real estate industry. There are important things to see in the east and the west but here you will see them all. Everything and anything that can impact what you do positively will be here. You should not miss this show.

As you walk the aisles – and there are many aisles – you will see the very latest in products, services, devices and technology. Each one of these booths may have the exact element or tool that can turn your business around or bring it to the stratosphere. Of course you will have seen all of these products and services first in REM’s pages but here is a chance to see them up front. Watch as they are demonstrated and ask any questions you may have about their operation and effectiveness. At no other time will you see such an array of things that are tailored to people working in the world of Canadian real estate sales. Realtor Quest is a “must attend” event that you cannot miss.

Atlantic Connection – Charlottetown, July 26-29

If you are reading this in Moncton, you’re lucky because you live in the beautiful province of New Brunswick. You also have the added good fortune of being able to drive across the spectacular Confederation Bridge to Charlottetown in the middle of summer to attend the Atlantic Connection.

If you don’t live in Moncton then plan your journey to get there. Once again you will have seen the many products and services that will be demonstrated here in the pages of REM first, however there will be some that may be especially focused to the unique locale and character of the Maritime experience. It is impossible not to become a better salesperson or broker by attending this show. It is guaranteed you will be a better person coming away.

NAR Conference and Trade Show – Orlando, Florida, Nov. 4-7 

With more than 400 exhibits and the expectation of over 20,000 visitors, this is the biggest show in North America. It is for American Realtors but as I heard it said at a conference in New York,  real estate is real estate. This business is regulated in Canada by each province. Same deal in the USA. It is not regulated nationally but state by state.

At the end of the day regardless of what province or state you are in, you are still either a real estate broker or sales rep or a mortgage broker. Real estate is still real estate and if you cannot benefit from reviewing 400 booths of all manner of things ready to bring your business to a new level, then you may not be in the right business. You have to get down there to see it!

Banff Western Connection – Jan. 2017

I would certainly expect that those who made the journey from Canada’s western provinces to Realtor Quest and the Atlantic Connection will be ready to host the many visitors who should be coming to Banff in Jan. 2017. There is opportunity here to ski in some of Canada’s most beautiful settings but it is not necessary to be a skier or even an outdoor person. Simply look out your hotel window and the view you see will be breathtaking and spiritual. There can be no better setting to see the latest in technology, services and all manner of business elements – all focused to help you come to greater heights in real estate sales. How could you not come here?

As always, to review the dates, times, costs and all other pertinent information about these shows, check with REM, the official media sponsor for Realtor Quest and the Altlantic Connection.

For more information, check out our Events page.

Heino Molls has been the Publisher of REM, Real Estate Magazine (formerly Real Estate Marketing), since 1989. Previous to REM, he worked as an executive at the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), and at the Toronto Star. Contact Heino by email or call 416-425-3504 x2.


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