Agents can see how many potential buyers clicked through to view listing details.
Agents can see how many potential buyers clicked through to view listing details.

A new smart real estate sign, the casaBEACON, delivers listing details to smartphones within a 250-foot (80-m) radius. Details can include listing pictures, video, virtual tours and audio – any content a modern device supports, says manufacturer Deviceworx.

The signs use a battery-powered “wTag” device to interact with smartphones (Apple and Android), says Deviceworx CEO Mark Janke. A rider on the sign directs home buyers to download the casaBEACON app with the message “install ‘casabeacon’ from your app store for 1-click access to details for nearby listings”.  Janke says the app only needs to be installed and not run by the user when near listings.

“A radio signal from the wTag is received by phones with the app installed and a notification is created on the phone screen. Clicking on the notification opens listing details for the house behind the sign. Buyers driving near listings simply click on notifications automatically shown on their screen to see listing detail for each house they visit. It’s that simple,” says Janke. Listing details can be on an online web page or they can be on an app screen.

“Agents can see how many buyers came near a sign and received the notification and they can see how many buyers ‘clicked through’ to view listing details. This data is stored within Google Analytics,” he says.

The app can be rebranded (for example, “Acme Real Estate Beacon” or “Acme Beacon”).

The company says the casaBEACON tags do not require maintenance and the same tag can be used again on multiple listings for up to five years. Listing information on the tags can be updated for a new listing either by the agent or by sending a request to the Deviceworx agent support team.

The cost is $75 for each wTag and $450 for the yearly service plan.

Deviceworx is based in Vancouver.


  1. I agree. In my opinion, is the single best real estate advertising site in Canada. When something isn’t broken why fix it? Further, I would much prefer to speak to someone calling on the sign. If you give away all the information by app, there is little reason for that person to call you, and no opportunity to provide an alternate property if the subject property is unsuitable, nest-ce pas?
    Jeffrey Joseph, Broker, Toronto, ON

  2. How redundant. With the app you can already get listing details on your smart phone. And it is FREE for consumers and Realtor’s do not require anything more then just a regular sign. Or just Google the address. At this point in time it is my opinion that consumers are, and have been for quite a while, getting all the property information they need or want. It has been statistically proven that a high percentage of buyer’s begin their property searches on line. They are no longer driving around looking for signs on properties.

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