SiLO Communication in Montreal recently announced a new service: Smart Condo Plans. Available in English and French, it’s software that enables condominium or apartment plans to be uploaded onto a real estate project’s website. The plans can then be replaced, modified or deleted from the website by the promoter’s team, without any specific training. It eliminates the need for intermediaries, long delays and fees, the company says.

Using basic documents provided by the architects, the SiLO team will seamlessly upload the plans on a real estate project’s website. The developer or the marketing/sales team will be able to modify prices, change a plan’s status (available, reserved or sold) or replace the plans for one or all units.

The company says that in less than 10 working days, the plans for a 50-unit real estate project can be online so users can view each floor on a 3D rendering or select a specific unit’s floor plan and print a PDF version.

Packages for the service start at $89/month.


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