ShowingTime, a Chicago-based showing management and market stats technology provider, has entered into an agreement with ORTIS/OC to provide its 22 boards and their 13,800 members access to its online and front desk scheduling platforms.

The platforms “simplify the showing process for agents and admins, while also providing access to MarketStats, an in-depth local market analytics reporting tool,” the company says. The agreement also gives members access to its new platform for the recording and communication of offers, ShowingTime Offer Registration.

ORTIS/OC is the first MLS system in North America to provide market-wide access to ShowingTime Offer Registration, the company says.

“We’re excited to expand access to our showing management and statistics products to include all ORTIS/OC members,” says ShowingTime president Michael Lane. “The introduction of ShowingTime Offer Registration illustrates our commitment to providing time-saving tools that meet the unique demands of the Ontario market.”

The offer registration product is a resource for registering and sharing offers on listings, in accordance with Real Estate Council of Ontario guidelines. Fully integrated with the company’s showing management platform, it enables listing agents to view Form 801 (if submitted) and update the offer count and offer presentation information for each listing from their desktop or phone. It also enables the listing agent or admin to email all buyer’s agents using pre-populated buyer’s agent groups and templates.

All ORTIS/OC members will have access to ShowingTime’s online scheduling links, which enable them to request showings electronically, while also having access to ShowingTime Front Desk, which equips admins to efficiently manage inbound showing request calls. With MarketStats, members will have a way to funnel market-wide data into useful reports, the company says.

ShowingTime has more than 1.2 million active listings subscribed to its services. Its products are used in more than 250 MLS systems representing more than 950,000 real estate professionals across the U.S. and Canada.


  1. Good luck with that. Recently launched by Realtors Association of Edmonton more and more Listing Agents (including me) pointedly state that no booking through Showing Time. Invasive, annoying time waster

  2. Showing Time is Not that good, Touchbase is a better product in so many ways. Time will prove it, it is slow, messages can not be deleted, and more.

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