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  1. Remember all those Agents who woke up one morning and find ComFREE ads on their own business Facebook page? Remember those Zoocasa ads that told your facebook visitors to find Zoocasa Approved Agents at zoocasa.com? Maybe you like Property Guys offering services on your Kijiji ad for that property where you just signed up a 5% commission contract if it sells?

    Do the independent brokerages not think that someday soon one of the real estate brand franchise companies will simply buy your contact list from Facebook or Twitter or Instagram? Does LePage not think RE/MAX shareholders will demand RE/MAX corporate buy up your Agents business data before LePage does the reverse?

    A marketing strategy that uses FREE marketing services will be paid for one way or the other. Point2 gave out 1000’s of FREE websites, allowed REALTORS to spend 100’s of thousands of hours developing the test sites and then all of a sudden ComFREE appeared as a Google Paid ad on their sites. How do you get them off, Point2 offered you the paid version.

    What has your broker owner told you lately!

    • Well, Ross… I don’t know what is worse???
      Google your own name. If you aren’t annoyed enough already, click on “images” and see the hundreds of pictures that your visiting buyers and sellers who have perhaps never met you in person, would maybe rightfully think is “you” the party animal, half naked, surrounded by brokerage signs and pictures of agents, sometimes also half-clothed, or glamour shots, or pictures of their kids doing dope, or horrid, frightful images; you have no idea who or what their possible connection to you might be, in any imaginable way. And artsy craftsy folks you cannot explain.

      Not unlike with FB, where the same concept is employed, if you don’t fill in all the wanted information, they invent your preferences for books you’ve never read yet appear to be recommending, music you’ve never heard, marked as your keen interest; movies you’ve never seen, much less would recommend to your visitors.

      Surprised someone hasn’t got a class action in the works… Maybe someone has. What rights and privacy were signed away when joining.

      A retired Toronto lawyer was heard to say recently, if you are not on FB it’s because you have something to hide.

      If you can’t chat on open FB, share your clients, friends, relatives, and colleagues with others, there’s something wrong and downright suspicious.

      And no one hires people, he said, who refuse to show their Grade School name, city location where they grew up, and such, and further education background.

      And of course if you have any online client information on Google Plus or FB, and other systems they, whoever they are now own it all; you don’t. So be careful what you post. It’s ALWAYS live, even when it isn’t.

      So, to your point: everything and anything (of yours) is no longer yours; not your personal or business property. IT’S “theirs,” whoever “they” are, and nothing you can do about it. Including all that old data from years back resurfacing as active listings on other agent sites; other brokerages.

      All but for a couple of my younger clients do not communicate with me online; never have.

      I instruct them to connect with me using my private connection email and telephone. Most are extremely privacy oriented, as am I. Otherwise “their” connections will know the results of their business before it even appears in the MLS system. WOW!

      When we contract with them, is it not part of our duty to protect their privacy? How on earth are we to achieve that in today’s unsanitary environment?

      Just venting. But it’s true, what you say, Ross, and my own experience. We’re dealing with a runaway train; completely out of control.

      Older clients have the most trouble wrapping their heads around the privacy issue.

      Older European clients in particular value privacy. And the bulk of our population is now over 65. And many of course are supremely tech savvy. But that has no bearing on privacy requirements.

      Carolyne L ?

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