By Alex Camelio

We’ve all had that one problem client. You know the one. The transaction that was nothing but frustration and took up WAY too much of your time, leaving you thinking, “They couldn’t pay me enough to do that again!”

Along with the annoyance, something you might not have even considered is how much a challenging client can cost your business both in the short and long term. Take stock of the time they take away from your other existing clients and the amount they disrupt your business and your general quality of life. Sometimes you have to realize some clients just aren’t worth it.

Watch the video to learn when it’s time to make the move.


As the CEO of Agent Inner Circle, Alex Camelio focuses on the development and growth of the community. Prior to selling his company to Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies, Alex was the co-founder and president at Barcode Realty. Within the real estate community, he has been recognized internationally as an expert in technology, marketing and entrepreneurship and has presented for various national organizations.


  1. I like this plan. Instead of revenge and ego driven bravado joy of tossing them out you take it up a notch and refer them to the “right agent” and collect the 25% fee. This will take some real skill but so worth it in your professional development.

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