From left: Tracy Chen, Gary Lam, Bill Yang
From left: Tracy Chen, Gary Lam, Bill Yang

Two successful real estate professionals pooled their resources and opened Century 21 Alpha in Toronto recently. Tracy Chen and  Bill Yang plan to continue their success as a team and help new agents grow their own business.

Gary Lam,  a sales rep at Century 21 King’s Quay, is also a shareholder.

“Between the three of us, we have more than 50 years experience,” says owner Bill Yang. “We’ve worked together for so long at Century 21 King’s Quay that we thought it was a natural next step to open our own franchise and to stay with the Century 21 brand. We hope our combined experience and considerable success will also help us build a big team in the area.”

“Career track advancement is a cornerstone of the C21 brand,” says Brian Rushton, EVP of Century 21 Canada. “This is demonstrated by Tracy and Bill advancing from sales representative positions to ownership.”

Century 21 Alpha opened with three agents. By the end of the year, they hope to expand to 10, and are planning to expand significantly in 2018. They plan to offer their expertise to new agents through mentorship.

“We like working with small projects and developments,” says Chen. “Since we are so established in that niche, we hope to continue on that path for ourselves and help the next generation on their career path.”

Note: This story was changed from an earlier version that incorrectly said Gary Lam was also an owner of the new brokerage. He is still a sales rep at Century 21 King’s Quay and a shareholder in the new brokerage.


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