By Richard Robbins

In this video, Richard Robbins looks at the Toronto Real Estate Board market summary for June and talks about how the first half of this year is faring compared to 2018. He also outlines why, as you kick back for some summer relaxation, it’s important to stay in the game with your client contacts.

Richard Robbins is CEO/founder of Richard Robbins International (RRi), a Canadian-based organization providing world-class real estate conferences and one-on-one coaching. For information about upcoming conferences, booking Richard to speak or coaching programs, visit or call 1-800-298-9587.


  1. apparently TREB sales are ONLY 1 kitchen SFD’s. Basement apt & flat-upstairs is ignored … always has… but in this time of accessory/secondary/laneway suites I think it’s time to start counting all Residential Sales

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