In response to the item by Albert Teichner (How a grow op stole my life insurance) in the September 2005 REM, I must disagree with the title and the tenor of the piece.  The story describes how, after moving from their first home, they had rented it out and eventually became the victims of an unethical individual who put in a grow-op under their very noses.  Mr. Teichner, the grow-op did not steal your life insurance, you, yourself, gave it away. 

How did you do this?  In two very important ways:  First, you failed to employ a professional property manager, one who would not so easily have the wool pulled over their eyes.  The motive for this one can only be money, so now the question is, how do you now feel about professional Realtor fees for these services, relative to the costs you suffered?  Secondly, you and many others of your generation have kept on voting in politicians who maintained the status quo on cannabis possession and supply, thinking that “this doesn’t affect me, so I don’t care.”  As a result, you kept the system on its course, and you set yourself up to be a victim. 

No matter what one’s opinion of cannabis consumption, we are seeing the inevitable results of its prohibition, and it is in an area affecting all Realtors, and all real estate investors.  As a recent editorial in REM noted, the ONLY way to end the grow-op debacle is to end cannabis prohibition.  Period. On behalf of our clients, in the upcoming federal election, the politicians must be told in no uncertain terms that this must happen. NOW. 


Bruce Symington

Re/Max Medalta Real Estate

Medicine Hat, Alta.


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