The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) has chosen the consortium of Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning and NIIT Canada as the future provider of registration education for real estate salespeople and brokers in the province.

After a Request for Proposal (RFP) process, Humber and NIIT Canada were selected to design, develop, administer and deliver the new program, which will launch on July 1, 2019. Students enrolling until that date will enrol with the current provider, the OREA Real Estate College.

RECO registrar Joseph Richer says, “The new program will bring together the best in local real estate knowledge and education delivery and leading edge expertise in program development. It will help ensure that students are practice-ready when they begin their real estate careers.”

Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) president Ettore Cardarelli says in a news release, “Given that OREA has been the provider of real estate education in Ontario for over 60 years, RECO’s decision did not come without significant disappointment. However, we are extremely proud of our accomplishments over the last 60 years, and we welcome the opportunity for OREA to refocus and strengthen its core member services.”

Tim Hudak, OREA CEO said, “The association continues to forge ahead with renewed energy and focus, and a reinvigorated outlook on an exciting future for OREA. OREA’s role in real estate education may be changing, but our efforts to consistently raise and uphold the high standards of education we helped set will remain unchanged.”

Established in 1967, Humber College offers programs to more than 29,200 full-time students and 23,000 continuing education students. From the 1980s through to 2000, it was a delivery partner of the original Real Estate Education Program, delivering courses to over 18,000 students.

“Humber has a strong industry reputation for credential testing and delivery of professional designation programs,” says Alister Mathieson, vice-president, advancement and external affairs, Humber College. “Further, Humber is closely connected with our local and provincial communities, and the opportunity to deliver specialized education and skills to real estate salespersons and brokers will help contribute to Ontario’s economy as newly trained professionals enter the workforce.”

NIIT Learning Solutions (Canada) Limited is a subsidiary of NIIT Limited. It offers multi-disciplinary learning management and training delivery solutions to institutions, individuals and corporations in over 40 countries.

RECO says the decision was made following a four-year process that included “extensive research and consultation with the real estate sector, education providers and regulatory bodies; the distribution of a white paper on RECO’s vision for registration education; and a public RFP that was distributed broadly.”

When launched in 2019, the program will offer courses in-class, in real-time virtual classrooms and through self-paced e-learning modules, RECO says.


  1. Attention:
    Joseph Richer
    Registrar: Real Estate Council of Ontario
    Dear Mr. Richer,
    Let me begin by offering my sincere apology to you for remarks that I made within this forum awhile back about your suitability for the position that you now hold when it was first announced herein that you would be the next Registrar of RECO. If memory serves me correctly I believe that I said that you were someone who had previously presided as Registrar over those who dealt with stiffs (the funeral home business) and that you were now (then) about to preside over a bunch of not-yet-dead stiffs, and that you were therefore out of your league of knowledgeable prerequisites upon which to hold the reigns of power as Registrar over a bunch of under-educated, under-experienced, over-inflated egos residing within commission-hungry shells of humanity looking for a financial break, or words to that effect. I was wrong, dead wrong. You have done the right thing by way of taking education away from the foxes, even though the foxes believed that they were doing the right things…for the foxes. One cannot blame the foxes for keeping the hen house full of a never-ending stream of chickens from which to pluck their feathers (money); how else can a fox pay for a fox’s meals, for the mortgage on the fox hole, for the fox stole, and for the rest of the things fox den related? Obviously you have heard the phrase “sly as a fox”, aka “dumb like a fox”. Mr. Richer: you are on the way to hopefully proving that it often takes an outsider to clean up a mess from the inside. I did not think that you were the right outsider; hopefully, wrong again. I only hope that you and your cohorts at RECO also see the light regarding ‘who’ to hire as teachers of the hopefully more stringent course content. I would set the passing grade bar for all courses at 90% for starters, and I would hire only those teaching personalities who can demonstrate (to you at RECO, not just at Humber College, by way of three stringent interview processes, strategically, psychologically building one upon the other) the ability to inspire students to aspire in favour of achieving a standard of professionalism that identifying one’s self as a Realtor deserves. You have chosen to take on the responsibility of making the moniker “REALTOR” really mean something of importance to the public awareness, which awareness should be advanced far beyond the current belief that the well entrenched churn-’em-out system allows for just about anyone with a pulse (even a weak pulse) being too easily licensed as a “REALTOR”…to ‘flog’ real estate…which is what most consumers think it means…in those same said terms. Best of luck to you and Humber College, but most important…best of luck to future professional REALTORS, and may they be much larger in number in relation to much fewer in number overall registrants.
    Brian Martindale…former insider, now outsider, from the hinterland.

  2. Disappointing. The length of the course according to the release is to be “about the same” as it is now. OREA CEO Tim Hudak has a goal echoed by many to make it harder to get in and easier to get people out. Clearly this misses the mark entirely. The puppy mill continues.

    • Oh …. not again … so the exams and qualifying will continue to be wishywashy …i tried to post on RECO’s FB page … they seems omits comments that are not favourable….

  3. We … those in the field… hope that the type of fabricated education and licensing can be addressed… as it has been the case for a few years now …and solid agent be produced so we could gain a better reputation….

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