It is difficult to unite the real estate practitioners
together because this industry accommodates too many part-timers. And real
estate salespeople are in fact self‑employed businesspersons, although the
outdated REBBA in Ontario
does not conform to this reality.

But please do not underestimate the force of the trade
union. In our socialist Canada,
trade unions are powerful forces embedded in every profession and affecting all
walks of life.

If the union in the real estate profession is flourishing,
and most salespeople become union members, the big franchise corporations will
have a hard time surviving. The future collective agreement will not be that
simple.  It will certainly contain more
complicated terms of employment, such as vacation pay, medical care and other
fringe benefits that the already battered and narrow profit margin real estate
corporations cannot afford to pay.

God bless large real estate corporations.

Augustine Tang
President, Real Estate Broker Owners Association of Ontario


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