By Nina Dorion

Staging to Sell, What Every Agent Should Know is the official curriculum of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) and is now available in Canada for all real estate sales professionals.

Although only recently launched, more than 60 sales reps and brokers across the Greater Toronto Area now hold the RESA CSA (Certified Staging Advocate) designation.

The five-hour in-class continuing education course benefits real estate sales professionals by educating them on how staging will protect their client’s interests and position them as knowledgeable advocates of one of the most effective marketing strategies to selling a house.

Upon completion of the program, agents will be able to effectively communicate the benefits of home staging to their clients and facilitate the screening of a professional stager to ensure that their clients receive the best possible service by trained professional stagers.

Additionally, the program offers agents more than 50 tips that can be immediately applied to any of their existing or upcoming listings.

In today’s market, it is important for agents to look for opportunities for professional development to help broaden their horizons and keep them informed of the latest industry trends in marketing strategies and tactics. These agents are dedicated to advancing excellence and professionalism in the real estate industry for their teams and clients.

Staging To Sell, What Every Agent Should Know has the most up-to-date information on real estate staging.

I have a RESA-PRO designation and am a RESA Approved Instructor for the program in the GTA. To learn more about the course and upcoming class dates, contact me at [email protected].


  1. I have been “staging” homes since I first started in real estate in ’83. It had no name at the time… just opening it up and decluttering was the task at hand. Sellers usually needed a hand. They still do. The hardest part is that everyone, of course, wants TOP dollar but usually unwilling to dig into their pockets to make it happen.
    I have worked with many sellers over the year preceding listing the home and the results are always fabulous. Relaxed decluttering, painting, and moving off pieces that are not helpful to making the place looks its very best for MLS photos and replacing with fresh and current pieces. My listings sell quickly. They sell at great prices. I do the staging. (I have a fine arts background and have a good eye with my camera… I stage with the camera in my hand!) I don’t charge except for anything left behind. Value added? You bet! Crazy! I seriously take their selling price perhaps too much to heart and do all I can. Do I get referrals due to this. Yup. I do this rather than billboards. I can only handle so many at a time. I’m like a boutique realtor. It’s a whole package deal. I also belong to a brokerage where I’m not paying big monthly fees so I apply that savings to my sellers’ staging. I do question my sanity however! But I’m never bored and can eat whatever I want!

    • Just a head’s up reminder for those who don’t know: if you use the services of a professional photographer, “he” automatically “owns” the photos. They are his work, his copyright, unless you have agreed in written contract stating otherwise. Read up on, or check with counsel about “work for hire.”

      Likewise agents who do staging, hire stagers, and such, including providing photo service.

      For every agent: get from your sellers (and buyers, too), written permission to stage, move things around in their home, (what if something gets broken in the process – does your insurance cover? Or theirs?) or if stagers provide items to enhance the process and the coming and going delivery causes damage to a wall, a hardwood floor, or elsewhere. Who is responsible. Sounds like over-doing?
      It’s your job to protect yourself as well as your clients.

      This industry isn’t just about buying and selling properties. There’s so much more goes on behind the scenes. Quite literally.

      Do you offer to mow the lawn, empty or fill the pool? Babysit the dog or cat?

      Help a senior make property ready for sale, for example by painting the livingroom and you accidentally spill paint on the Aubusson rug?

      Your heart is in the right place but on occasion you might need a big wallet. WHOOPS! There went the commission.

      Prepare and have easy access to, in your files, default sample permissions and liability and disclaimer forms. Easy to amend quickly to use in any situation, you will have them at the ready.

      Carolyne L ?

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