Sell With Soul: Creating an Extraordinary Career in Real Estate Without Losing Your Friends, Your Principles or Your Self-Respect
By Jennifer Allen
$21.45 (US)
Let’s face it; there are very few people who don’t have a story about a bad experience with a real estate agent. The sleazy image of real estate salespeople is one of the industry’s biggest challenges, and this book tackles that problem head-on.
Author Jennifer Allen aims to show new agents how they can launch a real estate career that avoids “old school” selling methods that use “condescending sales scripts, hard-core prospecting techniques and high-pressure closing strategies”.
Allen says her book shows how “a soulful real estate agent wields tremendous power over his or her business by simply being competent and following the Golden Rule. And that power is intoxicating.”
She promises that none of the tips and techniques in her book are “insulting or patronizing to your client. All my suggestions have clients placed firmly in first position, where they belong, and where your agency agreements declare them to be. You’ll find none of the hostility or cynicism toward your clients here that you may encounter elsewhere. Even in (especially in) your own real estate office.”
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Commercial Real Estate Investing in Canada
By Pierre Boiron and Claude Boiron
Pierre and Claude Boiron are a father and son team working in commercial real estate in Ontario. This large textbook covers the investment process step-by-step, presenting  detailed summaries of everything an investor needs to know.
Sections of the book include an explanation of the business of commercial real estate, assessing the market, understanding real estate financing terminology, dealing with land use controls, taxation issues, and property management. There’s also a chapter that covers renovations, repairs and building components. 
The book includes extensive checklists, examples of financial statements for various types of properties and sample forms and documents. There are also pages of Canadian contacts for government agencies, legal issues, landlord and building owner associations, and technical information and suppliers.
The authors have also launched a website at

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Paint Style: The New Approach to Decorative Paint Finishes
By Lesley Riva
Firefly Books
Written by paint experts from Benjamin Moore, Paint Style offers advice on how to select and combine colours, and what type of paint and equipment is needed to produce a particular look.
Paint techniques such as glazing, stenciling, stamping, using geometrics, and faux finishes are explained and shown in dozens of photos. The book also includes a colour library showing the latest colour palettes.
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The Accidental Landlord
By Danielle Babb
Alpha Books
$18.95 (US)
This book from the U.S. is a sign of the times – it explains how to rent your home if you are unable to sell it. The book shows how to assess whether it makes financial sense to rent the house, how to determine if you have what it takes to be a landlord, determining if you should take a do-it-yourself approach or hire a property management company, and more.
It includes more than 40 forms from the U.S-based Landlord Protection Agency, most of which are useful as worksheets for Canadians.
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Saving the Deal: How to Avoid Financing Fiascos and Other Real Estate Deal Killers
By Tracey Rumsey
$17.95 (US)
Here’s a book for Realtors that offers practical tips and advice to avoid losing that deal you worked so hard to achieve. Some of it relates specifically to U.S. finances and legal issues, but much of the book highlights warning signs that you should recognize as potential deal killers.
“As a mortgage loan officer, I have seen firsthand all too many ways a deal can fall apart,” writes Tracey Rumsey. “So it seemed to me that someone should keep track of all these things that can ruin a deal, as well as the things that you, as a Realtor, can do to save the deal.”
Topics covered include judgments and liens, mortgage issues, divorce problems, home inspections, contract difficulties, and appraisal issues.
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Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms, Third Edition
By Damien Abbott
Delta Alpha Publishing
$165 (US)
The publishers say the Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms is the most comprehensive single-volume reference book on real estate terminology, and we believe them. The 1,536-page book defines more than 10,000 terms, based on American and English practice.
“This reference work is truly international in scope,” say the publishers. “In particular, it draws extensively on material from the United States, England and Wales, Scotland, Canada, New Zealand and France.”
In the preface, author Damien Abbott says, “As one moves from country to country, many different terms are encountered for the same or similar concepts. ‘Condominium’, ‘commonhold’, copropriété and ‘strata unit’ are variations on a theme…” He says the encyclopedia brings together terminology that has merged “and at the same time it highlights the many differences that are to be encountered in countries that may have had a common law foundation, but have absorbed a mixture of terms and practices from each other.”
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