This is in response to comments by David Burns, broker/owner Royal LePage Ram Realty in Calgary, in reply to the question: “What keeps a broker in business today?” (REM, January).

To suggest that brokers operating from their homes are “less qualified”, “part-time” or “undercapitalized” could not be further from the truth.

These brokers could, if they wish, go out and buy a Royal LePage or other franchise if they wished. They  have chosen to create their own real estate marketing systems that are efficient and cost effective for their clients. They do not have to pay ongoing franchise fees or be burdened with the rules and regulations of that franchise.

These operators are creating their own systems for selling real estate that work for them, and the customers have a choice as to which system is best for them. By operating from their home, they enjoy the benefit of not having to pay business taxes, not having to pay for business telephone lines, and other substantially reduced costs that are passed on to the customers in the form of reduced commissions. Our capitalist system rewards efficiencies in the marketplace. If one organization can produce real estate services at reduced costs, they will be rewarded by the marketplace.

I worked for Hewlett-Packard (Canada.) Ltd. when I was younger and it had a picture of the garage the company started from in California, when two young, “undercapitalized” engineers started the company. It is now a Fortune 500 company with branches world wide.

The strength of Royal LePage is your people — your sales reps who are out there battling every day. They are committed to the industry and to the Royal LePage system. The strength of any real estate organization is their people, and without them, you are nothing.  By the way, many Royal LePage agents operate successfully from home offices also!

The 21st century has arrived and you can either lead, be dragged or be run over.


Brian Armstrong


Housellers Real Estate Services Inc.

, Ont.


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