Re: What keeps a broker in business today? -‑ January 2001 issue of REM

It is unbelievable that an otherwise excellent article quoting many brokers of different sized brokerages was marred by the quoted comments of David Burns.

Mr. Burns's comments were very clearly aimed at a brokerage here in Calgary, and his description easily identifies the brokerage in the eyes of the whole Calgary real estate profession. No, the brokerage in question is not my own, although I do object to some of the comments that could also be arguably targeted at my own brokerage. 


My brokerage is a three‑Realtor operation run out of my partner's home — I make no apology for the fact that we don't have an expensive, flashy office, but rather provide a cost‑effective operation focused entirely on providing exceptional customer service. We only employ full‑time Realtors in our brokerage, and we maintain the highest standards of customer service, employing highly experienced Realtors whose personal knowledge is far above the average. We also offer a comprehensive one‑year new Realtor training program, designed to not only introduce new Realtors to this great profession of ours, but to give them the tools they need to succeed long term in our business.


All commissions in Canada are negotiable and are set by the individual companies and their brokers and Realtors. We have different commission plans depending on the marketing we provide to our individual clients. Commissions charged are the business of the individual brokerage and no one else's business!


We compete very successfully in the Calgary market, and our referral base of satisfied past clients continues to increase. Our clients keep telling us we are providing great service and value for their hard‑earned dollar.


Our marketing services are comprehensive and innovative, and we have hundreds of satisfied clients and consumers who agree with us. Our standards and ethics at Result Realty are the highest possible, and we will gladly compare them to any company currently operating today in our industry.


It is time that brokers such as Mr. Burns from Goliath‑sized brokerages stopped targeting smaller David‑sized  brokerages with these types of malicious comments. I believe intelligent people know that it is the quality of the people who work for a brokerage that counts the most, not the quality of the wood paneling in your office reception area.


Phil Pask,


Result Realty Inc.



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