Prudential Real Estate Affiliates (PREA) has linked its referral and relocation services to one of Quebec’s largest independent real estate operations. 


PREA recently signed a licensing agreement with Trans‑Action Group Real Estate Services Inc.,  which gives the franchisor “single source” access to the Quebec marketplace, while providing Trans‑Action Group access to PREA’s international referral and relocation services.  Trans‑Action Group is the second largest independent real estate company in Quebec.


Like other real estate firms trying to enter Quebec, PREA had been searching for a firm that was already well‑established in that province.  Earlier this year, Quebec‑based Trans‑Action Group began looking for the same relationship beyond its Quebec borders.  The two companies signed their agreement at the end of October in Montreal.


“Quebec represents 25 per cent of the Canadian marketplace, so it was very important for us to establish a relationship there with the right partner,” says PREA’s head of Canadian operations, Bernie Vogt.  “With Trans‑Action Group, we can bring our strong referral network into Quebec and know our customers are getting the service they deserve.”

The two companies have licensed a French corporate name, Prudential Services de References Reseau International (Prudential Referral Services International Network) as part of their working relationship. 


“This is a very expansive licensing agreement, which allows Trans‑Action Group to use the logo in any publicity, on signage and on Trans‑Action Group’s website ( says Vogt.

The Quebec company was founded in 1980 and has been marketing franchises in the province since 1982.  Trans‑Action Group now has almost 400 salespeople working out of some 66 offices across Quebec.  The firm is owned by a trio of brokers who each operate offices in three separate parts of the province.  President Marcel Imbeault runs operations in the Gaspesie area; vice-president Pierre Panguay operates out of Ste. Hyancinthe; and treasurer Jean Limoges works out of Abitibi.  The company has strong market share in the predominantly French‑speaking parts of the province and is looking to increase its share in Quebec’s English market.


“One of our main goals is to increase our presence in Montreal and our agreement with Prudential will help us with that,” says Trans‑Action Group’s general manager, Richard Payeur.  He estimates that Trans‑Action Group has about 2.5 per cent of the Montreal market now, compared to the firm’s 40 per cent share in areas such as Ste. Hyancinthe and Abitibi.  Payeur is counting on the agreement with PREA to bring in more Montreal area business, and more salespeople as well.


“We have only 155 sales agents in Montreal right now,” says Payeur.  “We hope to grow to 400 to 500 over the next couple of years — then we will really be in business.”

Prudential as well is looking for significant growth in its Quebec referral and relocation business as a result of its new working arrangements with Trans‑Action Group.  “We have 47,000 people in our international real estate network who now have direct access to Quebec through a strong partner,”says Vogt. “We are very excited about the future of this relationship.”


“We still have to find out about each other and how to best make this agreement work,” adds Payeur.  “I suspect if it goes well, our ties will only grow and intensify.”


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