Protect Your Boundaries, an education online resource, recently introduced a new professional education course for Ontario real estate and land professionals.

An accredited self-guided online course taught at user pace, the BoundaryWise course delivers “critical property and boundary knowledge that enables Realtors to help property-buying clients negotiate better deals, help property-selling clients negotiate better prices, safely navigate title insurance pitfalls and avoid legal crossfire over boundary disputes,” the company says in a news release.

“We’ve trained nearly 10,000 Ontario Realtors and land professionals in more than 600 on-site BoundaryWise classes over the past four years, and now that valuable knowledge is available online in a professional-grade interactive course,” says Chris Kamarianakis, Protect Your Boundaries CEO. “Our vision is to empower every Realtor in Ontario to invest in their success with a BoundaryWise professional designation. With 49 per cent of today’s Ontario GTA properties having hidden boundary issues, BoundaryWise training is rapidly becoming essential to Realtors for protecting their clients, their deals – and their professional reputation.”

Shelley Porritt, broker of record at Royal LePage Porritt Real Estate in Toronto, says, “The BoundaryWise professional designation also highlights the specialized training and land-transaction expertise of our agents, a key differentiating factor that is becoming increasingly more important in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.”

The online course will soon be accessible through any computer, tablet or mobile device.


  1. Or you can just get an up to date survey that would mitigate boundary issues. A little education can be dangerous as some will believe they are experts when in fact this is not he case. It would be interesting to see a realtor with this online credit argue their case before a judge.

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