“We believe the real estate process should be empowering and predictable, not stressful,” says Anshul Ruparell, CEO of Properly.
“We believe the real estate process should be empowering and predictable, not stressful,” says Anshul Ruparell, CEO of Properly.

Calgary-based Properly, a real estate technology company and one of the first Canadian ibuyer firms, recently launched ProperPrice, a free online tool that provides homebuyers in Calgary with an on-demand prediction of a home’s selling price. The company says it is “the most accurate home price prediction tool in Canada,” using machine learning to look at hundreds of influencing factors, including historical sold data, property details and proximity to services such as schools, hospitals and other facilities. The company says the tool predicts selling price with 99-per-cent accuracy.

“We believe the real estate process should be empowering and predictable, not stressful,” says Anshul Ruparell, CEO of Properly. He says the tool ensures that consumers “can negotiate with confidence and never overpay for real estate. Access to this kind of information used to be restricted to industry professionals, but we’re pulling back the curtain on true selling prices.”

Properly, which also has an office in Ottawa, enables homebuyers to tour homes on demand with a dedicated client advisor, who is a full-service Realtor, and to make competitive offers based on the home’s ProperPrice. For existing homeowners, Properly offers to buy their home on a closing date of their choosing.

The company says it plans to bring its search and price prediction tools to cities across the country.


  1. Hmmm 99% accuracy? Ought to be pretty easy to debunk that myth by feeding in a few active listings then waiting for them to sell. It sure sounds false and misleading — but I’ll stand corrected if Properly posts an independent study showing how they came up with that number. I won’t throw out the phone number to the Competition Bureau just yet.

  2. Have you tried their home sale program???? Don’t bother if your home is older than a certain age or over a certain price range. Can’t get an offer on my own home from them. Talk about the biggest dis-service to buyers & sellers in the country!
    Look below what their website says!;

    COVID-19 Update: We have temporarily paused instant offers at this time. For more information, please click here.
    ( how to stick behind the country in the time of need!)
    Or even when there isn’t a crisis;…..
    Sorry, we can’t make you an offer just yet
    Right now, we can’t make offers on:
    Homes with one bedroom above ground
    Homes built before 1960
    Homes valued under $250k
    Homes valued over $485k
    View our home qualifying criteria to understand how we evaluate homes
    If you have questions or think we made a mistake, email us at [email protected]

  3. Wow, a tool that will predict according to the company, an accurate price within 99 per cent. What a great claim. We in the industry can predict with 100 per cent certainty of failure to produce that result. We can call that a Trumpism, and the challenge with that is that there is a large portion of the public that will believe it to be possible.

  4. Here we go again. In my 50 years in this business I have seen so many quack innovations that someone dreams up to circumvent the real needs of the home buyer and seller. They all disappear like a puff of smoke. People still want quality personal service, attention and guidance when dealing with their most valuable asset.

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