By Bruce Keith

There are two categories of tasks we must deal with every day… Those we like to do and those we don’t like to do.

Often we put off the ones we don’t like to do. This could be “fear-based hesitation” or just simple avoidance. Either way, it shows up as procrastination. This creates a roadblock and internal stress.

Why not reverse the order of the things you put off? Why not do them first thing and get them out of the way? Don’t you think it would make your life a lot easier?

Today’s task: pick one thing you consistently put off (asking for referrals, calling for sale by owners, cleaning up that mess on your desk, getting phone numbers ready the night before, calling that seller who needs a price reduction, confronting that buyer who keeps lowballing offers, starting your lead generation on time).

Do yourself a favour and get that “I usually do it last” item out of the way first thing. You’ll feel so much better and all the stress will be gone. Do it now.  No excuses.

Discovering your keystone habit

Experts tell us that 95 per cent of what we do is habitual. A great percent of what we do is subconscious. Activities like the way we brush our teeth, turning right when we drive, how we answer the phone, how we start work in the morning, the way we show houses… everything! Each of us does things the same way every time.

When you recognize that a high percentage of your ongoing activities are habitual there is a very pleasant discovery at the end of this rainbow. You can forget about self-discipline and willpower… they can easily be overcome just by developing good habits.

It all starts with your keystone habit. Why? Because your keystone habit is the one that drives all your “follow on” habits. Visualize dominoes falling in a row and you’ll see what I mean.

Here’s how to identify your keystone habit. The next time you can say “I had a great day today!” pay attention to everything that took place. Now back up all the way to when things started out (it could include what you did the night before to get prepared).

At the beginning of the cycle you will find your keystone habit. It’s the one thing that kicked everything off in sequence.

Now you have it… Eureka! It’s not complicated, it just takes some introspection.

Successful people have simply developed more good habits than unsuccessful people. Once you identify your keystone habit, everything else falls into place very nicely. Your routine becomes automatic and you will go through the day with your activities happening as planned. Keep it simple… Help those dominoes fall in your favour. No excuses.

Do you know where you are going?

Author/speaker Rita Davenport is well recognized for saying that “The world steps aside for the person that knows where they’re going,”

It’s well recognized that 90 per cent of the population is guilty of just going through the motions day after day. This lack of direction results in an average performance and an average lifestyle. Not acceptable!

If you want to be part of the 10 per cent – the overachievers, here’s a simple two-part formula to make that transition.

Part 1: Where are you going on a personal level?

Start with two very specific targets for each of:

  • My health
  • My family
  • My financial future
Part 2: Where are you going with your business?

Establish some very specific targets for the next couple of months for:

  • Listing appointments
  • Listings taken
  • Listings sold
  • Buyer sales
  • Closings/commissions earned

Now post these targets on the wall in your office. Make them highly visible!

Critical point: Have another look at Rita Davenport’s quote. “Knowing where you’re going” includes the requirement to constantly track your results. Make sure you are constantly measuring your progress for both your personal and business targets. Know where you are today as part of your quest for success. No excuses.


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